The first hoop I had to jump through to become an egg donor was filling out the longest doctor’s office questionnaire of my life.  Times about 5.

Before the clinic even contacted me, I had to apply online and fill out a basic, pretty short questionnaire just about myself, a little bit of my medical history, contact info, and so on.  I was shortly contacted via email thanking me for my interest and informing me that I would have to fill out “a few” more questionnaires to see if I met the basic qualifications.  Little did I know that “a few” actually meant “a few” hours worth of checking in little checkboxes and bubbles.  They needed my complete medical history, my family’s complete medical history, my reproductive history, exact dates and locations of surgeries, exams, checkups…Needless to say, I went a tad crazar filling everything out.

And then when you finally finish….you essentially have experience it all over again because a nurse has to review the entire thing while on the phone with you.  At the end of all this, I have a pretty good working memory of the medical history of everyone within 2 generations of me, so if you’re ever super curious about my maternal grandmother’s ailments or something, I’m your man.

I also had to send in some pictures of myself.  I sent in a headshot of myself that was taken this last summer, but I didn’t really have any good bodyshots.  Tyler and I did a little photoshoot in my landlord’s garden.  Tyler’s a big fan of this one:

P1020526 copy

And no, that’s not the one I sent in.

After squeezing as much information out of me as possible, I was finally contacted by the clinic to set up an appointment to see a physician and a nurse coordinator.  But I was far from out of the questionnaire woods, I would soon find…