Today was another fun day at the fertility clinic!  Requisite joke about them taking my bodily fluids.

During the ultrasound, we found that my largest follicle is still only 12mm.  Too early to start the Ganirelix, but I will probably start it in the morning on Friday.  As the doctor sat and counted how many I had on each side, I relaxed and just watched the ultrasound screen.  But there was something odd…seeing my ovaries full of steadily growing eggs looked vaguely disturbing this time around.  It didn’t bother me so much last time…why was it sending a chill down my spine this time?

And then I realized: my egg-filled ovaries looked exactly like Lotus Breast.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lotus Breast, I feel sorry for you, because you are about to find out.

There was a mass-forwarded email that used to circulate containing the story (or some variant on the story) of a woman who went to a third-world country and came back having developed a weird sort of rash on one of her breasts.  Either upon doctor’s request or via home remedy, she simply bandages the rash and leaves it alone.  Her pain continues to intensify over the next few weeks, and when she removes the bandages she finds THIS!!!! (Warning: don’t look at it if you can’t handle looking at boobs and/or disgustingness)(Edit: Photobucket, which I was using to host the image, couldn’t even handle it and have since removed it.  So go do a google image search for “lotus breast” if you are still curious.)

That’s right.  According to the story, some sort of third-world country bug had somehow laid its eggs in or on her breast.  The eggs hatched and the larvae burrowed in and fed off of her delicious breast tissue.

Now then, this whole thing is a big, fat crock if you hadn’t figured already.  The picture is actually a lotus seed pod that has been photoshopped onto somebody’s breast.  However, the fact that the story is fake doesn’t make up for the fact that THAT’S WHAT MY FRIGGIN’ OVARY LOOKS LIKE.  On the upside, it’s definitely helped me lose any shred of attachment I may have had to my eggs.

Okay, sorry that you all had to live through that.  To make up for it, I’ll link you to a totally delicious huevos rancheros recipe.  If you get a chance, poke around some of the other recipes on her website as well.    I can guarantee that at least 90% of them are sinful and oh-so-good.  If you want someone to fall in love with you, try making the steak sandwiches.  Worked for Tyler and me. ^_^