The past week has been pretty hectic.  On August 1st, Tyler and I trucked all of our stuff down to Los Angeles and moved into our new apartment.   We are absolutely loving it so far, and all of our neighbors have been very welcoming.  I’d go into more detail, but this isn’t really the place for it, so I’ll just leave you with a picture of our kooky apartment building.
Yes, it’s a little bit loud.

Anyway, as soon as I could, I started researching fertility clinics in our area.  Unsurprisingly, they are quite numerable in Beverly Hills. After picking one I liked on Wednesday,  I made a 1 o’clock appointment for Friday.

It was refreshing not to have to make a tw0-hour drive, but the clinic is situated on a rather busy thoroughfare, so it ended up taking longer than expected anyway.  I met with a woman who I’m guessing was the donor program coordinator, and she gave me a run down of their program.  Their compensation rate is a little more negotiable, rather than the flat rate that my previous clinic had. Then she handed me an 11-page application and let me go at it.

Once again with the “List every time any of your family members have sneezed” and “Describe your personality in ten lines or less” and “Create anti-matter.”  This one didn’t ask me about how I felt about pets, although it did inquire about my book, movie, and music preferences.

After I finished, we talked for a little while, handed her some pictures for their book, and then I was done.  Once again, it’s a waiting game.  She mentioned that their donor program is not very large, so hopefully that means I’ll have somewhat better chances of being picked.

So that’s the story at the moment.  I know–nothing all that exciting.  I decided to donate a portion of my compensation money to the humane society where I used to live.  The donation applet lets you donate on behalf of or in memory of someone, so I donated on behalf of our kitty, Indy, who is currently going crazy since he can’t go outside.

Let me ouuuuuuut!

If I wanted in, Scarlett, no door could keep me out!