Alright, alright, it’s been a while since I updated.  Mostly because there hasn’t been too much egg-related activity in my life since my last post!  At least none that’s too interesting anyway…

Since moving to Hollywood I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy.  A few weeks ago I got a background job on Cold Case, got some new headshots done, and have been trying to put together a Zed card from volunteering as a model for a pretty sweet media makeup school in Burbank.  All in all, I’m liking LA.

I mentioned in my last post that I had submitted my application to a fertility clinic in Beverly Hills.  I waited about a month, and after not hearing anything, I started to get a little impatient.  I know that the process of matching a donor can take up to a year, but I didn’t want to just sit on my heels.  I did some more research into fertility clinics and discovered an egg donor agency also based in Beverly Hills.  They work a little differently in that the only thing they do is match up donors and intended parents.  They work with a variety of clinics across the US and have a pretty good rate of getting people matched.

I applied to them, and after some more paperwork and an interview, got accepted.  The donor coordinator for the agency was actually extremely nice and we hit it off really well.  The agency requires 6 month exclusivity, but that was fine with me, as it looks like I might already be matched with someone!

So, it’s all still some waiting.  My apologies that there’s nothing too interesting to speak of yet.

PS — Thanks for staunchly defending me on G.Other, Mrdragon206 and RPGamerdude 😉