No bones about it, I’ve definitely been procrastinating on updating this thing.  Now that holiday traveling madness is over and I’ve recovered from my recent bout of the flu, I should be a little better about keeping everything up to date, especially now that there is a huge laundry monster in the closet that I’m trying to avoid.

My current cycle is looming ever closer.  I take my last birth control pill on the 14th of this month and starting injections shortly after that.  My retrieval is tentatively scheduled for the 29th of this month.  The doctor is keeping me on the same medication protocol, because if he said that if he changes my protocol and it doesn’t work out so well for me it will “make him look bad.”

While all of this has been gearing up, there’s actually been a bit of a kerfuffle over who is getting my eggs next!  There’s a couple here in Los Angeles who are interested in having me for a next cycle as well as a couple located out in Houston.  I wasn’t entirely sure how the agency would handle this.  If two couples request a donor at the same time, who exactly do they defer to?  Tyler suggested there might be an arena-style fight to the death.  I was thinking more of a Memoirs of a Geisha-styled mizuage bidding war.

The agency called me yesterday and asked me which I preferred.  I had no real thoughts either way–a free trip out to Houston could be fun, but someone in Los Angeles is also convenient.  I told them such and they said they would get back to me.

The situation with the Houston couple was a little different.  They apparently really wanted me, even though they already had a donor all lined up and ready to go.  It’s her first time donation and she was all ready to start medication, but they were ready to switch to me if I was willing and available.  I felt a little strange about that.  I know that if I was all on board for my first cycle and just days away from starting medication and I was suddenly informed that the intended parents were dumping me for someone else, I’d be pretty pissed.  And maybe develop some strange reproductive-rejection complex.

This morning my agency sent me an email letting me know that they matched me up with the couple in Los Angeles for my next cycle.  Maybe they felt the same way about screwing over the Houston donor.  Or maybe there is no Houston couple any more, as the Los Angeles couple have effectively smote their ruin upon the mountainside, declaring, “There can be only ONE!”

Anyway, six weeks after my current cycle ends, I’ll go in for my first appointments with the next couple.  These eggs are going like hot cakes!

With that, I really do need to attend to that laundry problem.  Until next time!

PS — The wikipedia entry for mizuage mentioned a book called The Japanese Art of Sex: How to Tease, Seduce, & Pleasure the Samurai in Your Bedroom.  How could I resist finding a little more information?  The first 30 pages are available for viewing on Google books.  It’s mostly just a bunch of trash about how you should be submissive and demure like the stereotypical Japanese woman (who always wears a kimono and keeps her eyes lowered when entering a room) if you want to attract a guy.  However, I’d recommend reading “Your Walk” on page 23.  Try following the diagram on the page for the apparently eye-catching “figure eight” step pattern.  If anyone can make this actually look sexy or alluring and not like you’re a duck with hip dysplasia, do let me know.