Today I had an early morning blood draw and follicle check, so I got up early and fought the traffic (which was quite present this time due to the absence of a national holiday).  Today was the first time that I was actually examined by the doctor who will be doing the retrieval.  Nice guy, but had a sort of nervous demeanor.   The nurse had forgotten to prep (read: lube) the ultrasound probe, so he had to do it himself.  He immediately rushed to make small talk, I suppose to maybe distract from the fact that he was somewhat suggestively Astrogliding a stick blender in preparation for its entrance into my nether region.  When one rushes conversation, you end up stuck in strange topics, such as how my socks reminded him of the Brady Bunch, and what Disneyland was like 30 years ago (thank goodness they got rid of that lettered ticketing system, huh?).

Pillow talk aside, it turns out that I do have lots of follicles growing, but they aren’t as big as he was hoping.  He decided to increase my dosage slightly–from one vial of Menopur to two–in the hopes that it will kick my ovaries into shape.

The only other thing that happened was that I had to go back and do another blood draw, since a few of the vials from my appointment on Monday apparently got accidentally frozen (??) and couldn’t be tested.  I’ve been called an ice queen before, but I didn’t know it was that bad*ba dun chh!*.

Sorry.  The jokes don’t really get any better from here on out.

On a final note, I keep getting a lot of people coming to my blog because they searched for “mcgriddles.”  I feel sorry for them–wanting information on a truly delicious snack and instead getting anecdotes about some person’s reproductive organs.  Although I am tempted to use it to my advantage.  If I plant more fast-food related treats, will more people come to my blog?  Let’s find out!

Second to McGriddles, my favorite fast food indulgence is Taco Bell’s Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes.

The most authentic of Mexican dishes

Now, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes don’t really need any more advertising from me.  They already have their own myspace page, but for the sake of science…it must be done!