With follicles looking as monstrous as ever, my doctor declared that my retrieval date would be this Saturday.  Tomorrow!  Last night I took my last dose of Ganirelix (*said with a flourish*) and a dose of Novarel, my trigger shot.  Today my only instructions are to rest, drink fluids until midnight, and play some video games.  Well, some of those are instructions from me to myself.  But I digress.

Today I have to start taking Doxycyclene, which is an antibiotic.  Fortunately, they are oral capsules that are a delightful robin’s egg blue.  My instructions for taking it are interesting thought.  I’m supposed to take it twice daily on a full stomach, and I have to avoid sun exposure.  I haven’t yet asked the nurses about the sun exposure thing.  I hesitate for fear that the answer will either be terrifying (“Your eyes will fall out.”) or very underwhelming (“You’ll sunburn easier.”).  For the moment, I prefer leaving it shrouded in mystery, just as I shall shroud myself in shadows and the glow of my monitor until the antibiotic runs out.

My apologies for not really delivering an “Egg Extraction Extravaganza Week!!” this time.  I’ve spent an unusually large amount of money on video games this month, and my attentions have been fully retained by Harvest Moon: Animal Crossing (so many crops and adorable farm animals!) and Mass Effect 2 (so many alien sexual encounters and adorable sniper rifle kills!).  Anyone familiar with video games will probably have already guessed that playing both games at the same time leads to some…interesting dreams.

This definitely happened in my head last night. Don't ask me where Emeril came from.