I had to move my post-op appointment from Friday to Tuesday, which was the day that my initial appointment for my third cycle was.  I went to my post-op early Tuesday morning.  I just had a brief ultrasound.  My ovaries are still large, but everything else was looking normal.  I do feel pretty normal, but my recovery was kind of a bear.  I definitely experienced a lot more pain and cramping and bloating than the first time around.  My antibiotics also made me puke, which is totally not okay.  I severely frown upon having to vomit more than once a year.

I drove from my post-op appointment to the new clinic where my next cycle would take place.  They had me fill out lots of paperwork and then led me into the doctor’s office.  We went through my paperwork and medical history quickly–he knew I’d been through this and asked the same questions several times before.  He explained that their office usually uses a different medication protocol–they start you out on Lupron for a few days before stimulation meds in order to “neutralize” the hormonal state of your ovaries.  Apparently, this makes it easier to grow follicles to a consistent size at a consistent rate.  However, since I seemed to do so well with my past protocol, he said he’d probably keep me on it, depending on how my ovaries looked as we approach stimulation.

Now, he had lots of interesting information about the advantages and disadvantages of using a ganirelix antagon protocol versus a leuprolide-based analog protocol, as well as highlights of the follow up studies of each.  All I can say is I hope this guy never goes to lecture for a class.  He spoke in a very steady, quiet monotone.  He was sitting less than three feet away, talking directly to me, and I could still feel myself wanting to fall asleep.  This doctor definitely made it onto the list of “People Whose Voices I Can Easily Fall Asleep To.” Currently, the only other occupant of said list is Bob Ross.

After the period after my next one, I’ll go in for an ultrasound and they’ll see where to go from there.  So in the meantime, I just have to continue recovering and letting my body take a break for a while.

I received my check in the mail a few days after my retrieval, which gave a momentary respite from the pain.  I decided to donate a portion of it to the Los Angeles Library Foundation, since I’ve taken advantage of the library countless times since moving down here.  I also donated some to the Ensemble Theatre of Chico, which puts on Shakespeare in the Park every year.  My last acting gig in Chico was with Shakespeare in the Park, and I appreciated having it as my send off from the Chico theatre scene before moving to Hollywood.

That’s all the egg news I have for now.  It will probably be a while before there’s anything new and exciting, but I’ll be sure to post as soon as I have any relevant information that isn’t related to video games or more fast food products.