The ball is finally rolling on Cycle #3, so here’s a quick update.

The last few weeks have been spent primarily trying to get legal matters out of the way.  I had to leave my signature and initials all over this 20 page contract.  I ended up printing out said contract a whole 3 times because I messed it up the first two times.  That’s 40 sheets of wasted paper.  My condolences to the trees.

Anyway, I received a letter in the mail a few days ago saying that I was legally cleared, which means we could move on to setting up a med calendar and getting a prospective retrieval date.  Yesterday, the nurse called me and said I could expect a retrieval around the 18th of May, meaning I’d probably start injections sometime around the 4th or 5th of May.

This morning, I received an email from the nurse informing me that while I’d be on the regular Follistim/Menopur protocol starting around then, I’d actually be starting Lupron injections this weekend!  The clinic that I’m doing this cycle with highly prefers using what’s called a leuprolide-based analog protocol for egg donors.  It involves using Lupron to bring the ovaries and the ovulation cycle to a sort of neutral state before punching them in the face with stimulation drugs.

Now this is all fine and good, but this is what it actually translates to: I have to give myself a Lupron injection every night until the 5th, at which time I’ll be adding Follistim and Menopur.  So for that last week and a half it will be three injections a night.

Don’t get me wrong–I’ve long since grown accustomed to puncturing my abdomen, but I don’t exactly get off on it.  And it was awkward enough belly dancing with all these bruises across my lower abdomen; now there’s going to be even more/bigger ones.  Someone’s going to think that I resorted to a Chris Brown-styled abortion.

And unfortunately, just like the regular stimulation meds, there’s no sex, smoke, painkillers, or alcohol while on Lupron.  I’m not a nympho, a smoker, or an alcoholic, but when someone restricts you from these things for 10 days, I’ve found they become the only things you want.  I can only imagine what’s going to happen having to live like a saint for several weeks.

There is an up side, though.  I can still go to the gym and exercise while on Lupron, unlike the other meds.  Perhaps therein lies the answer to my immanent frustrations.  Need a drink after a long day?  Go to the gym.  Invited to a hookah bar with friends?  Politely decline and go to the gym.  Watched back-to-back Ewan McGregor films and feeling randy? …..go to the gym?  Hey, it works for some people.  Check it out, ladies.

P.S. — The hamstring curl, not hanging leg raises, worked for me.

This is a poor approximation of my body, but a near-perfect approximation of my O-face.