A few facts about myself:
I live in Northern California.
I’m 21 22 23 25 years old and recently graduated with my have a BA in Theatre Arts and a minor in Japanese.
I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA but decided to become a professional actor.  I’ll leave it to you to decide how intelligent I really am.
I work at a comic store, live in Los Angeles, where I act, bellydance, and play video games for several hours.
I have eggs inside me.
My current average for eggs per cycle is 17.5 28 34.25 39.2.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. mhayah Says:

    Hey there! The clinic I’m with right now pays $6000 per cycle, but I’m only planning on doing one cycle with them. I will be moving soon to a more urban area, where the compensation is equally twice as much. Hopefully after this donation is successful, it will be easier to sign on as a donor at other clinics. That collection of links to other egg donor blogs on your blog is very helpful!

  2. asianeggdonor Says:

    Thanks for the info.

    You may also consider going independent after the first. There are alot of boards to advertise on and if you do that, you won’t have to forge a big hunk over to taxes. Also, I gather from some donors that it is common in inde arrangements for you get half up front, half when its done. In either case, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding IPs as an experienced donor 🙂

  3. asianeggdonor Says:

    Hey, just popping on over to answer your question and to encourage you to take your time before committing to a second donation. There should be a lot of agencies in L.A. and you want to find one that is willing to reimburse you for your expenses this time around.

    As for strategy, check out the classifieds at greateggs.com, allaboutsurrogacy.com, and surromomsonline.com. These are great boards to post and get in direct contact with IPs but dont be surprised if agencies start trying to book you. Personally I had better luck when I posted to a local IVF forum where IPs tended to congregate and share information and ask questions. I’m in Canada so my forum won’t be able to help you but here a link anyways so you know what to look for: http://www.ivf.ca/forums/

    My inde- couple doesnt get underway until November. What we intend to do is have a lot of the records copied and sent over to them so they save some money. And use my current IPs legal contract as a template for our own.

    The tricky thing with these arrangements though is the compensation. The money isn’t going into an escrow account. You’re going to have to figure how the money gets transferred and how you’re going to ensure you get the balance of your compensation after the retrieval. I haven’t quite figured this out myself. I’ll be posting more about my inde- cycle when I get into it. Hopefully you can learn from my experience.



  4. plotvandal Says:

    Hey! I’m on a donor list to donate as well and its really cool to read what I might expect if I get picked. Just wanted to tell you your awesome.

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